Revealing Galactic warp precession

štvrtok 2021‐03‐04 13:45 – 14:00
Žofia Chrobáková
Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias

Study of the Galactic warp presents a unique opportunity to reveal key information on the formation history of the Galaxy. Recent studies of warp kinematics using Gaia DR2 data have produced first detection of warp precession, that greatly exceeds theoretical predictions of models, thus challenging our current knowledge about warp. However, previous calculations of the precession were carried out by fitting a warp model of young population (~Myr) to fit velocities of an older stellar population (~5-6 Gyr) which has much lower warp amplitude. We recalculate the warp precession with the same approach and Gaia DR2 data, but using different warp parameters, more appropriate for studied stellar population. We find that when we apply appropriate warp parameters, there is no need for precession. In this talk, we will review these different approaches to the warp precession and what it means for warp formation mechanisms.